Bamboo Accents 7" Three Arm Spout and Pump Kit

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Surprising Benefits Of Water Fountains

• A water fountain provides a stress-reducing environment for meditation, yoga, and relaxation.
• A flowing garden fountain will cool the surrounding area during the hot summer months.
• Bamboo spouts create a miniature natural stream, enhancing the sense of serenity.

🀤 Benefits of Natural Bamboo

• Bamboo is considered to be one of the most auspicious elements in traditional Asian cultures. Symbolically, it stands for longevity, friendship, and diligence. In Japanese culture, bamboo surrounds many shrines mainly because it is believed that the plant

  • MINIMALIST DESIGN: Low lying design sits on any bowl or accent both indoors and outdoors. Works functionally in a zen garden or home office.
  • EASY INSTALL: Complete kit includes submersible pump, tubing and bamboo fountain. Start hearing the calming sound of running water in just minutes. This size fits on the edge of a 6" to 15" diameter container.
  • SPLIT FREE BAMBOO: Each spout is handcrafted from solid Tamvong bamboo by our artisans who have preserved the techniques of ancient bamboo craftsmanship for generations.
  • FREESTANDING FOUNTAIN: Sleek, minimal and simple, this fountain rests on any size bowl with no extra fixtures. The three arm design is sturdy and made to last.
  • UNIQUE DÉCOR: Spice up your zen garden or backyard with this DIY fountain. Pick and choose the color bowl you want to create your very own tranquil paradise.