Bamboo Accents 12" Three Arm Spout and Pump Kit

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This is our medium sized three-arm spout and pump kit, which fits on the edge of a 10"-20" diameter container.
Create a calming water feature for your garden in minutes without complicated, time consuming or expensive installation.
Each water spout is carefully hand-made in the tradition of ancient bamboo building, which provides durability and split-resistance.
The three arm spout is ideal for bringing tranquility to your office garden or desk.
Personalize your indoor or outdoor relaxation and meditation water sound. Anything from a Zen-style water bowl to a hidden mountain stream.
Insect Free - Our bamboo poles are pressure treated with non-toxic borax that eliminated the possibility of insect infestations.

  • MINIMALIST DESIGN: Low lying design sits on any bowl or accent both indoors and outdoors. Works functionally in a zen garden or home office.
  • EASY INSTALL: Complete kit includes submersible pump, tubing and bamboo fountain. Start hearing the calming sound of running water in just minutes. This size fits on the edge of a 10" to 20" diameter container.
  • SPLIT FREE BAMBOO: Each spout is handcrafted from solid Tamvong bamboo by our artisans who have preserved the techniques of ancient bamboo craftsmanship for generations.
  • FREESTANDING FOUNTAIN: Sleek, minimal and simple, this fountain rests on any size bowl with no extra fixtures. The three arm design is sturdy and made to last.
  • UNIQUE DÉCOR: Spice up your zen garden or backyard with this DIY fountain. Pick and choose the color bowl you want to create your very own tranquil paradise.