Bamboo Accents 12" Rocking Fountain (Shishi Odoshi) and Pump Kit

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Surprising Benefits Of Water Fountains

• A water fountain provides a stress-reducing environment for meditation, yoga, and relaxation.
• A flowing garden fountain will cool the surrounding area during the hot summer months.
•Bamboo spouts create a miniature natural stream, enhancing the sense of serenity.

🀤 Benefits of Natural Bamboo

• Bamboo is considered to be one of the most auspicious elements in traditional Asian cultures. Symbolically, it stands for longevity, friendship, and diligence. In Japanese culture, bamboo surrounds many shrines mainly because it is believed that the plant

  • TRADITIONAL JAPANESE DESIGN- designed to resemble traditional Japanese rocking fountains
  • ANCIENT TECHNIQUE- fashioned using techniques passed down through the ages
  • SPLIT FREE BAMBOO- made from naturally superior split-resistant Tam Vong bamboo
  • COMPLETE KIT- kit includes bamboo fountain, tubing, and water pump. Just add to any bowl!
  • HANDCRAFTED- Our team of skilled artisans use ancient techniques to ensure high quality craftsmanship