Bamboo Accents 36" Spout and Pump Kit

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Bamboo Accents Tall Water Fountain Spout, Complete Kit includes Submersible Pump for Easy Install in Ponds or Zen Garden, Handmade Natural Split-Free Bamboo (Tall Waterfall - 36 Inches)

  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN- this large fountain is designed to be installed into the ground for a natural, unique appearance and can be used for a variety of applications
  • SPLIT FREE BAMBOO- made from naturally superior split-resistant Tamvong bamboo
  • NO PLUMBING NEEDED- the pump recirculates water throughout the fountain
  • HANDCRAFTED- Our team of skilled artisans use ancient techniques to ensure high quality craftsmanship
  • COMPLETE KIT- kit includes bamboo fountain, tubing, and water pump. Just add to any bowl!