Hints and Tips for Bamboo Fountains

Hints and Tips for Bamboo Fountains

How to connect the tube to the pump – the tube should fit snugly over the fitting that comes out of the pump. It is important to be sure to have the fitting inserted correctly as shown in this picture. If the tubing doesn’t fit over the tube, use hot water to soften the tube. If necessary, remove the inserted large adapter using your fingers or pliers and replace with the small adapter (big end inserted into pump)

How much tube to cut off – when setting up the fountain in the bowl, we normally recommend cutting the tube to the length that you need so that the pump is in contact with the bottom surface, or as close as possible. If it cannot reach the bottom, it can hang in the water. We give you more tubing than is normally necessary so that you can cut to the proper length depending on your set up. Be sure not to cut too much at first. Try cutting off shorter lengths to test which works best. Note that if you need to purchase additional tubing, the inner diameter is about 3/8”, which is a standard tubing size sold at hardware and DIY stores.

My pump is not working/needs adjustment – the pump often needs to be primed, which a process of letting the air bubbles unclog. The first troubleshooting is to feel the pump underwater when plugged in. If the pump is vibrating, try priming. While submerged under water, you can speed up the process by gently tapping the pump against the bottom of the bowl to help knock out the air bubbles. Also, be sure to start at a lower pump flow by adjusting the pump on the front. You can increase the flow as desired once the water is flowing correctly. If there are further problems with getting the pump working, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to set up the fountain – Setting up the fountain should be fun and easy. Be sure to choose a bowl that is appropriate for the fountain size that you have chosen. First, be sure that your container does not leak water. If you are not certain, you might want to test it to make sure. Next, use the directions on the fountain packaging to assemble the bamboo fountain. Once assembled, you will place the bamboo on the edge of the bowl so that it is comfortably seated with no major rocking or instability. Next, plug in the pump cord. Be sure that the pump is under water when plugging it in. Next, connect the tube to the pump (and the fountain if not already connected). The tube size can be cut to length as described above in item 2. Next, adjust the flow of the water to create the sound and sensation that you prefer. Adorn the bowl with river stones, plants or anything that you like.

How to clean the water, fountain and pump – Our customers use many methods to keep their water clean. The easiest is to add about a teaspoon of bleach to the water, however, this is not good if pets or animals drink from the water as it can be harmful to the animals. There are many fountain cleaner solutions that are sold online and at retailers. I’ve had good feedback from most customers about these products, most of which are pet safe. Note that some customers use distilled water, but I’ve never tried it.

What finishes can be applied to preserve the fountain – The best finish solution that I’ve found is Thompson’s Water Seal. I’m sure that there are many other good finishes as well. The fountains are intended to weather naturally, so our recommendation is to embrace and appreciate the changes, but that is personal preference. I don’t recommend marine varnish because of the orange or yellowish tint that makes the bamboo look unnatural. It is also too shiny looking. Of course, the advantage to marine varnish is the strong, long-lasting bond.

What type of water should be used – We recommend tap water, although distilled water will help to stay cleaner for longer.

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